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Fashion nails

Fashion nails in the season 2022

Today it isn’t easy to imagine a modern woman without a beautiful nail design. And this does not mean that fashionable nail designs should be bright or flashy. Simplicity and creativity are in fashion.

Fashion nails 2022 have many variations of decoration, among which they are offered as colorful and vivid design examples due to well-chosen shades of lacquer, tools and decoration techniques, and decorative designs. Very simple but no less beautiful nails. It will immediately attract attention.

Various fashion nails for every taste – from ultra-stylish professional manicures to chic and shiny Neil-art designs for the evening, check out the collection we offer. Shining examples of fashionable nails for the season 2022, we will distinguish them separately, giving them a little more detail.


And now, I would like to say a few words about the main trends and directions in fashionable nail design and decoration from 2022.


The shape of the plate in the trendy design can be distinguished as fashionable nail almonds, square and oval, which is most widely represented in the work of leading nail specialists.

The length can vary from very small and short nails to long nails, which look beautiful in both versions of the trendy nail design.

Fashion nails

The main feature of fashionable nails will be a departure from standard design patterns and new approaches to implement the trend manicure 2022. In abundance will be presented as fashionable nails with a pattern, and without, fashionable nails with prints and drawings, as well as mono design.


Also, natural and concise are welcome both in decor and in the technique of performing fashionable nails in any style, which will be another aspect of fashionable nail design.


To achieve fashionable nails and manicures as a whole, you need to turn to the fashionable decor elements of the decor: foil, sequins, sequins, broths and pebbles, Yuki flakes, zipper stickers, camouflages, and frictions.


New fashionable manicures and nails of the season will be cobweb techniques, megapopular “negative space”, smoky nail design, wet, matte, and moon designs, and modern French and ombre.

The trend among fashionable nail prints will be a predatory patterns, abstract patterns, portraits and faces of girls, flower and floral designs, animalism, and geometry.


Meet the trendy nails of the 2022 season – creative nail art design for relaxation, seasonal art, thematic manicure, professional nail design, and fashionable weekday manicure, photos of new items are gathered in our selection.


Fashion nails with “abstraction” design


As surprising as it may be, one of the boldest solutions in fashionable nail design 2022 will be abstract. Fashionable “abstraction” nails have a unique look because it is almost impossible to reproduce the same nail art, which guarantees you the irresistibility of a fashionable manicure with nails in the style of “l ‘abstraction”. Variants of this technique for making fashionable nails abound – from the most concise, to the most delicate, to the most colorful, to the colorful design.


Fashion nails


Images of French manicures do not become obsolete, let’s say more – they acquire new contours. Colorful and fashionable “two-color” matte nails will become excellent, with some nails highlighted by a French design. Fashionable nails with holes and highlighted tips for a French jacket, a tandem of a French manicure, and fashionable nails with a predatory pattern, will look equally surprising.


Fashion nails with a sweet design.


The charm of fashionable nail design this season lies not only in its color and color but also in its sophistication, which will find its reflection in fashionable nails with nude, pastel, or body coating. Make fashionable nails in more refined light and delicate tones through decor dabbing, delicate kamifubuki, film, and sophisticated designs.

Fashion nails

Fashionable nails with “negative space.”


Do you like fashionable nails in the “regrowth manicure” or with holes? Then you can not do without the “negative space” technique, with which nail masters can effectively combine many bright colors, decor, and other techniques in a combined manicure on fashionable nails 2022. It can be fashionable nails with a gradient, abstract patterns, inscriptions, stripes, and a geometric design.


Fancy marble pattern nails


The delicacy of fashionable marble manicures makes it easy to incorporate into images for the office and holiday decor. Fashionable nails of different lengths look great in a combined nail design with marble prints, glitter and foil, and contrasting shades of gel polish. Charming marble nails look versatile and comfortable.


Fashionable nails with a predatory print


An unusual print on fashionable nails, which repeats the patterns on the skin of an animal, will become a fashion trend for nail art design. The best nail art professionals offer to boldly combine fashionable nails with this pattern, and bright red, purple, and blue nails complement the creative design with stripes and sparkles.

Trendy nails with an ombre effect


In search of fashionable and colorful manicures in the 2022 season, we recommend using the ombre technique, which allows you to find not only beautiful but unique and unmistakable novelties of manicure. The gradient on the fashionable marigolds can serve as a substrate for painting or become the main focus of the fashionable design of the manicure.


Fashion nails with shiny nail art

The beauty and brightness of fashionable nails in the coming season surpass, and it’s not just about shades of coatings, but also about the design itself (drawings, decor, techniques). Fashionable nails will be different juicy and creative patterns – animals, flowers, plants, faces, and portraits, as well as everything the soul wishes. Don’t be afraid to be creative to get charming trendy nails with the best design.

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