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Andrew Santino Wife

Who is Andrew Santino Wife? Discover His Net Worth and Explore More About the Comedian’s Life and Career

Andrew Santino is an award-winning American standup comic and actor renowned for his entertaining appearances both on television shows as well as film projects.While Andrew’s incredible achievements have received much media coverage, what truly gripped audiences was watching his relationships play out before audiences, particularly those ending due to addiction issues. Take a deeper dive into the details of Andrew Santino wife to gain more insight into who lies behind his comedy!

Profile summary


Full name  Andrew Henry Santino
Gender Male
Date of Birth 16 October 1983
Age Currently 41 years old, as of April 2024.
Zodiac Sign Libra
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois, United States
Current Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Religion Christian 
Height in Feet 6,1”
Height in Inches 185
Weight in Pounds 161
Weight in Kilograms 73
Relation Status Married
School  Naperville North High School
College Arizona State University
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Hazel
Profession Comedian, Podca
Net Worth $5Million_ $6Million 

Who is Andrew Santino Wife?

Andrew Santino is an American standup comic, actor, and performer well known for his performances on screen and stage. While most admired for his comedic talents, seen in various movies and TV shows, Andrew’s lifestyle (especially concerning his relationships) has drawn much interest among fans.

Andrew Santino typically prefers to keep the details surrounding his marriage confidential, even while sharing humour about various aspects of life with audiences. Santino prefers maintaining some degree of privacy regarding this part of his personal life – adding another layer of mystery and intrigue around himself and his private affairs.

Santino continues to be a hit, captivating viewers with his unique comedy style and acting skills. His ability to shield his private life (such as his partner’s life) from public attention shows his commitment to balancing his personal life’s well-qualified and private aspects.

Andrew Santino Dating History

Andrew Santino has long enthralled audiences with his sharp humour and engaging performances, captivating audiences with his comedic talent. At the same time, sharing personal tales about life experiences such as dating history or personal relationships with audiences.

Santino has kept her romantic life private, prompting much speculation and curiosity among fans who wish to know more about Santino’s past relationships.

Andrew Santino may prefer privacy over public attention regarding his personal life and seeks to shield it from public view. By taking this approach, he hopes to keep things normalized while remaining focused on doing what he excels at: entertaining audiences via standup comedy performances and acting roles.

Overall, Andrew Santino has chosen not to reveal much information regarding his dating life or relationships; this only adds mystery and intrigue surrounding his work and personal life. Fans should remain respectful as they enjoy Andrew Santino’s art while respecting his desire for personal privacy regarding these aspects of his life.

Why is Andrew Santino Famous?

Andrew Santino has achieved immense popularity through his successful standup comedy and acting career. His unique sharp wit, observational humour and engaging storytelling have cemented him firmly within comedy culture.

Santino began his journey to stardom by performing in comedy clubs. His relatable and often self-deprecating humour quickly won over audiences, opening doors for future success on larger platforms.

He has proven his worth as an actor through roles in TV series such as “Dave,” where he plays his manager character. Additionally, in “I’m Dying Up Here,” which showcased both dramatic and comedic range, this talent as an actor was further highlighted and solidified his place within the entertainment industry.

Santino also hosts the popular podcast Whiskey Ginger, where he engages in candid dialogues with comedians, actors, and other entertainers he admires. This platform gives fans a different side of Santino, adding to his appeal to wider audiences.

Andrew Santino owes his success to his extraordinary comic talent, engaging performances as an actor and ability to connect with audiences via various mediums. It embodies hard work, creativity, and devotion towards his craft, critical components of his sustained success.

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Andrew Santino Alleged Ex-Girlfriends

Andrew Santino has long been revered as an entertainer due to his quick wit, dynamic performances, and private life and relationships. While Santino remains confidential about these matters, speculations regarding potential ex-partners have surfaced throughout his career; we explore some such possible relationships.

Keeping Personal Life Private

Andrew Santino prefers keeping details about his romantic life private compared to many celebrities who share these details, which has caused much speculation and curiosity from his fans and followers.

Impact on Public Persona

Santino’s decision to keep his dating history under wraps has not negatively impacted his public persona. It has added to the intrigue surrounding him. Fans appreciate his focus on his career and his ability to keep his private life separate from his public persona.

A Comedian’s Background

Andrew Santino has quickly made himself one of the entertainment industry’s premier comedians. Renowned for his trademark sharp wit, captivating storytelling skills, and dynamic performances, Santino has enjoyed an extraordinary journey towards comedy stardom. Here is some insight into this talented performer’s background.

Early Life and Education

Andrew Santino grew up in Chicago, Illinois, an epicentre for comedy culture. Early exposure to its vibrant scene had an influential and lasting effect on him and his comedic approach and ambitions.

Once Santino graduated high school, he went to Arizona State University, where he continued honing his comedic abilities and performing at different comedy clubs and venues. This invaluable experience would serve him well later in his comedy career.

Rise to Fame

After graduating, Santino leapt from high school student to professional comedian in Los Angeles. Quickly becoming known in standup comedy circles with his signature blend of observational humour and relatable anecdotes that transformed everyday situations into comedic gold, Santino quickly earned himself recognition among nationwide audiences.

Santino first made an impactful impact as soon as he started appearing on popular television shows and landing roles in films, becoming widely recognized through series like ‘Dave, where he portrays Dave’s Manager, and “I’m Dying Up Here”, where his versatility as both comedian and actor could be showcased.

Standup Comedy and Specials

Andrew Santino has quickly established himself as one of the premier standup comics, thrilling audiences and critics with his hilarious routines while garnering much acclaim and personal praise from audiences alike. His sharp observations and fast wit have won them praise across both arenas. His specials showcase his ability to tackle various topics humorously while showing how seriousness resides within. These specials showcased Andrew as one of today’s premiere comedians.

Podcast Success

Santino also hosts the popular podcast, Whiskey Ginger. This show offers candid conversations between comedians, actors, and entertainers, giving listeners an inside view into their favourite stars’ lives and giving fans access to Santino himself through his unique humour and charisma. As part of Whiskey Ginger, fans can connect with Santino by experiencing unfiltered humour from him and engaging his unique persona! Whiskey Ginger has quickly become an acclaimed platform where fans can connect with him while experiencing an unfiltered personality!

Andrew Santino Net Worth

Andrew’s net worth has seen significant gains, demonstrating his growing influence and success in his field. Through smart investments, entrepreneurial ventures, and strategic business decisions—particularly around emerging opportunities—Andrew has amassed great wealth. His diverse portfolio spans different sectors, displaying his ability to manoeuvre different markets successfully while capitalizing on emerging ones. This financial growth underscores his expertise and authority in his field, solidifying his reputation as a knowledgeable and accomplished professional.

Does Andrew Santino Wife Have any Kid?

Andrew Santino is known for his roles in various television series and films; however, his personal life remains relatively confidential despite being highly public. There has been no confirmation or public discussion regarding him having children yet.

Santino has become famous for his engaging comedy and storytelling derived from personal experience, yet remains secretive about details regarding his family life or personal relationships – leaving fans speculated and curious as Santino remains mum about whether or not they have children.

Andrew Santino reveals many details of his life through comedy and podcasts, but no confirmed information has been available regarding any potential children he might be having. Fans respect Andrew’s decision to keep certain aspects of his personal life private while continuing to appreciate his on-stage and screen work.

Is Andrew Santino Gay?

Andrew Santino is a prominent comedian and actor known for his unique brand of humour and acting roles, drawing considerable scrutiny and speculation regarding his personal life, including potential sexual orientation issues. Unfortunately, Santino has yet to share details regarding any sexuality-related information publicly; instead, he prefers to focus on his acting and comedy careers rather than worrying about any details surrounding their private life.

Santino often discusses various subjects during his standup routines and on “Whiskey Ginger,” from politics and pop culture to personal experiences and sexual orientation (although much speculation still surrounds these). While Santino remains open regarding these matters, regarding sexuality remains private – leading many fans and analysts to speculate.

Please respect Andrew Santino’s privacy and avoid making assumptions about his personal life, such as whether or not he identifies as heterosexual. Fans appreciate and respect Andrew Santino’s sharp wit and engaging performances, especially those who prefer keeping certain parts of their lives private.

Andrew Santino’s Social Media Accounts


X (Twitter) @cheetosantino
Instagram @cheetosantino
Tiktok @cheetosantino
Youtube Andrew Santino


Andrew Santino is an award-winning comedian and actor perfectly-recognized for his impressive shows and sharp wit. Although most of his life is confidential, Andrew’s competent successes and online appearance continue to enthral people worldwide with updates on exciting projects and entertaining audiences by bringing his unique brand of comedy! Followers can connect with Andrew across various platforms so they do not miss announcements regarding any projects he is involved in or enjoys with his humorous brand of comedy!


Q: Who is Andrew Santino wife?

A: Andrew Santino keeps his personal life private and has not shared information regarding his marriage or potential partners.

Q: Does Andrew Santino have a kid?

A: No public information or confirmed reports about Andrew Santino having a child exists.

Q: Is Andrew Santino gay?

A: Andrew Santino has not publicly addressed or confirmed his sexual orientation.

Q: Where can I follow Andrew Santino on social media?

A: Andrew Santino can be found across various social media channels such as Instagram (@cheetosantino), Twitter (@CheetoSantino), YouTube, his official Facebook page and Spotify or Google Podcasts where his Whiskey Ginger podcast series can be enjoyed.

Q: What is Andrew Santino known for? 

A: Andrew Santino has become widely renowned for his entertaining standup routines and acting roles on television series such as Dave and “I’m Dying Up Here” while hosting the Whiskey Ginger podcast

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