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What is Ice Cube Net Worth? A Detailed Look into His Career and Life

The name Ice Cube has been heard throughout the music and film industries since he was born on the 15th of June in South Central Los Angeles. Known for his razor-sharp lyrics and daring personality, Ice Cube founded N.W.A., the pioneers of hip-hop. Outside of his musical career, He has also been recognized as an outstanding actor and director, contributing significantly to various genres in Hollywood.

Ice Cube is not simply a popular figure but also an entrepreneur whose ventures represent a diverse portfolio. At the time of his 2023 birthday, Ice Cube’s net worth stands as a testimony to his continued popularity and accomplishments across several sectors. This piece explores the varied jobs that Ice Cube has, exploring how his activities in film, music, and business have come together into his remarkable economic stature.

Name O’Shea Jackson
Nick Name Ice Cube
Date of birth June 15, 1969
Birth Place Ontario, Canada
Education Architectural drafting at the Phoenix Institute of Technology.
Gender Male
Passion American rapper, songwriter, actor, and film producer.
Height 1.73 m
Marital status Married
Networth $160 Million

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Growing up in one of the challenging areas in South Central Los Angeles, Ice Cube was exposed early to the harsh realities that would influence his work. His parents both worked at UCLA, which provided a secure familial environment that stressed the importance of hard work and knowledge. However, young O’Shea was drawn to hip-hop’s booming scene, where he expressed his thoughts on the world through rap.

Ice Cube’s musical career started when he joined forces alongside Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, DJ Yella, and MC Ren to form N.W.A. at the end of the 80s. The album that established the band’s job, “Straight Outta Compton,” which was released in 1988, transformed hip-hop through its stark representation of urban life in America. Songs such as “F**k the Police” and the album’s”title track,” the title track of the album “Straight Outta Compton,” visually depicted the experiences of racism and social injustices that resonated with the public and provoked important debate.

The forcefulness of N.W.A.’s lyrics pushed them into the spotlight of national fame and set the foundation for Ice Cube’s solo job. A dispute with royalty caused him to leave NWA in 1989. In 1990, Ice Cube released America’s Most Wanted. Critics praised its powerful lyrics and innovative production. Besides commercial hits, Ice Cube’s album delivered socially conscious messages, establishing him as an influential rapper.

Ice Cube’s childhood and early steps into the music industry played a significant role in developing his job path. From his bitter lyrics on life in South Central to his strategic choices in the business world, each step of his life was a significant factor in his current wealth.

Ice Cube net worth

$190 million was his estimated net worth in 2024. The figure reflects his successful job as a film and music producer as well as a variety of businesses. Born O’Shea Jackson Jr., he is also an actor, producer, entrepreneur, and rapper.  As a founder and member of N.W.A., he achieved his first economic success. He has increased his earnings via solo music projects, a long acting career, and involvement in directing and production.

ice cube net worth of 2024 USD 190 Million
Monthly Income $3 Million 
Annual Income  $16 Million
Source of Income American rapper, songwriter, actor, and film producer.

Ice Cube’s net worth in past years

The variety of sources and the sensitivity of disclosures about Ice Cube’s financial position may make tracking precise figures of the past difficult. The following chart shows how his wealth has changed over the last few years:

I c e cube net worth in 2024 $190 Million
I c e cube net worth in 2023 $176 Million
I c e cube net worth in 2022 $160 Million
i c e cube net worth in 2021 $144 Million
I c e cube net worth in 2020 $128 Million
I c e cube net worth in 2019 $115 Million

Ice Cube Social Media Accounts

Instagram Almost 30.9M Followers Click Out
Twitter Almost 5.7M Followers Click Out
YouTube Almost 3.33M Followers Click Out

Ice Cube’s Family

Ice Cube is engaged with Kimberly Woodruff and O’Shea Jackson (sr). They got married in 1992, and have raised children since that time. The couple is blessed with four kids:

  1. O’Shea’s Jackson Jr.: He was born in 1991 The actor followed in his father’s path in the realm of entertainment. He is an actor, rapper also, and actor. O’Shea Jr. is famous for his role as his father’s character in the movie “Straight Outta Compton.”
  2. Jackson:  was born on 13th September 1992. Jackson earned him a name in the industry of music by the name “Doughboy,” which refers to the character that his father played on the TV show “Boyz n the Hood.”
  3. Kareema Jackson: was born 14 April on the 14th of April, 1994. Compared to her siblings, Kareema keeps a low profile.

Shareef Jackson: is a 1995 baby. Shareef’s main interests outside of the entertainment industry have been studies and tutoring.

Ice Cube’s Real Estate

Ice Cube often speaks about the importance of his family and can keep his personal life hidden from public scrutiny. The children of Ice Cube occasionally join the rapper at his events, which shows an intimate family unit.

Ice Cube has made significant real estate investments through the years, which reflects his success as a performer and entrepreneur. The most notable features from his property portfolio are:

  1. Marina Del Rey Home: Ice Cube bought a home in Marina Del Rey, California 1996. The location provides peace and privacy while being close to the beach.
  2. Encino Mansion: He bought a $7.25 million mansion in Encino, California, in 2016.  Van Damme held it. The property is an 11,000 square feet main house with a theatre, gym and wine cellar. Many other amenities are accessible outside, such as a spa and basketball court.
  3. Other investments: Ice Cube has likely invested in additional real estate assets for personal use or investment purposes. Despite this, it is challenging to find specific information.

Real estate investments are not just there to prepare for the comfort of his family and friends but also are a vital part of his overall financial plan, which could contribute to the diversification and growth of his assets.

Ice Cube’s Car Collection.

Ice Cube, known for his love of custom and classic vehicles, has had an impressive collection throughout his lifetime. Some of the most notable cars included in his collection are:

  1. 1963 Chevrolet Impala: Ice Cube loves the Chevy Impafor, an iconic American automobile. Lowrider car enthusiasts, especially those in the Ice Cube group, have seen him in the 1963 Impala.
  2. Rolls-Royce Ghost: Ice Cube is seen in the Rolls-Royce Ghost, representing luxury and class. Luxury and fashion are combined with traditional designs.
  3. Cadillac Escalade: Celebrities such as Ice Cube frequently opt to choose the Cadillac Escalade as a practical and classy opportunity. It’s ideal for trips with the family that offer plenty of space and elegant finishings.
  4. Bentley Continental G.T.: Ice Cube’s Bentley Continental G.T. was also associated with him. Both its performance and elegance make it popular.
  5. The Porsche Panamera: The Porsche Panamera combines sporty performance with luxury comfort. Ice Cube drives one.

They show his desire, style, and preferences to mix classic American and contemporary high-end automobiles.

Ice Cube’s Industries

Ice Cube has diversified his job over numerous sectors, using his popularity in music to venture into different fields. These industries have benefitted from Ice Cube’s contribution:

  1. In the world of music, Ice Cube’s job began when he was a part of the legendary group N.W.A. Later, the rapper launched his job which significantly influenced hip-hop music and culture.
  2. Film making and acting: Ice Cube began acting and filming in the 90s. In addition to the “Friday” series and “Barbershop”, he produced “Are We There Yet?” as well as other successful films. Cube Vision, the production company that he owns is playing a major part in the creation of T.V. as well as film series.
  3. Sports: Ice Cube was the co-founder of BIG3. Ice Cube co-founded the BIG3 basketball team. The team has players from the previous N.B.A. and world-class sportsmen. The league has grown in popularity, demonstrating his passion and commitment to activities beyond the traditional role of entertainment.
  4. Clothing: Ice Cube has ventured into the fashion world by launching a clothing line comprising streetwear and other products with its brand name and affiliations. The line expands the brand into consumer and lifestyle items.
  5. Real estate: As we’ve mentioned, Ice Cube has invested in real estate, acquiring many properties that can be used for residences and serve as investment opportunities. These include luxury properties in cities such as Marina Del Rey and Encino.
  6. Giving back: Ice Cube has also been involved in various charity initiatives, focusing primarily on community and youth support in areas of low income. His work for charity is not an actual business venture; it is an investment in social capital.
  7. Entertainment Business: Besides traditional tasks, Ice Cube has engaged in writing and directing and expanded his role in entertainment. Ice Cube has directed music videos and has been involved in creating music and film material.

In these various fields, Ice Cube has built an extensive portfolio of work that extends between sports, entertainment, fashion, fashion, and real estate. He is a multifaceted figure both in the realm of entertainment and beyond.


Ice Cube, born O’Shea Jackson Jr., has masteredly re-purposed his first popularity as a leading voice in hip-hop to an expansive empire that extends over film, music, fashion, sports, and even real estate. His rise from being a sharp-tongued rapper who hails from South Central Los Angeles to the world’s most prominent entertainment entrepreneur isn’t just an ode to his skills but also his savvy ability to manage business and his strategic thinking.

Ice Cube has constantly been evolving throughout his journey, never shying from pursuing new ideas and tackling new issues. The ability of Ice Cube to be current in a continually changing world of entertainment with his talent for diversification not only boosted his portfolio of financial assets but also established his status as a legend in the world of culture.

Ice Cube’s involvement across various areas–from launching his clothing brand to establishing a basketball league, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his determination to innovate and create community influence. His real estate investment and charity efforts demonstrate an understanding of the long-term implications of prosperity and social accountability.


  • How did Ice Cube start his job in the entertainment world?

At the end of the 80s, Ice Cube joined hip-hop legends N.W.A. Gangsta rap was born out of his poetic lyrics and distinctive voice. When he left N.W.A., he pursued an enviable solo job as a musician and film.

  • What are the Ice Cube’s best-loved albums?

America’s Most Wanted, Death Certificate, and The Predator are among Ice Cube’s most memorable albums. In particular, their criticism of racial issues and inequalities in America is noted.

  • Did Ice Cube win any awards for his contributions to films and music?

Response: Ice Cube has received several awards throughout his job. In addition, he has been recognized by numerous awards for his music, among them a recognition of the B.E.T. Hip Hop Lifetime Achievement Award. Films are also an important source of critical and commercial success, but, he’s not able to win an award from the Academy Awards. Academy Awards.

  • What’s the BIG3? And why did Ice Cube co-found it?

Answer It is: BIG3 is the name given to a highly-qualified basketball team 3 on 3 which Ice Cube co-founded in 2017. It’s comprised of ex-N.B.A. players and international sportsmen. Ice Cube established the league to keep the career of the retired N.B.A. players and to favor an exciting, innovative style of basketball to fans.

  • How does Ice Cube help his fans?

Ice Cube has been engaged in various charitable endeavors specifically aimed at helping children in need and strengthening the community’s resources. The contributions include funding education initiatives, supporting communities, and taking part in the cause of social justice.


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