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NYT Connections Today

NYT Connections Today: Hints and Answers for May 24, 2024

The NYT Connections today Hint, is an exciting word game that has quickly become a favourite among puzzle enthusiasts. Similar to Wordle, Connections challenges players to identify words with similar links between them. If you want quick solutions right now, just jump ahead to the end and check for answers, or keep reading to gain useful hints and strategies!

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Understanding the NYT Connections Game

Connections is a daily word game created by The New York Times to link four words that share a theme into groups of four that fit. Each puzzle presents 16 words divided into four categories, which may range from book titles, software names, or country names – though multiple combinations appear plausible at first. Players must identify correct combinations by matching up four of their guesses correctly on one board before moving on to the next set – any incorrect guess counts as one mistake, with up to four mistakes allowed before their playtime ends.

As with Wordle, this game includes features to assist players with quickly finding connections more quickly. Categories are colour-coded; yellow is typically easiest, followed by green, blue, and purple categories. Just as with Wordle, players can share their results socially.

Today’s NYT Connections Hints

Here are a few category hints for today’s puzzle to get you underway:

  • Yellow: Related to an engaging children’s anatomy song.
  • Green: Slang terms related to cars. 
  • Blue: Words relating to discarding.
  • Purple: Items that produce a buzzing sound.


Categories for Today’s Connections

Need more help? Today’s categories are:

  • Yellow: Body Parts in “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”
  • Green: Car, Informally
  • Blue: Removes the Covering Of
  • Purple: “Buzzy” Things

Solutions for Today’s Puzzle

Ready for the answers? Here they are:

  • Body Parts in “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”: HEAD, KNEES, SHOULDERS, TOES
  • Car, Informally: AUTO, RIDE, WHEELS, WHIP
  • Removes the Covering Of PARES, PEELS, SHELLS, SHUCKS

Tips for Solving NYT Connections

  1. Begin with the Easy Category: Start with the yellow category to get a quick win and build momentum.
  2. Eliminate Correct Sets: Once you identify a correct group, eliminate those words to simplify the remaining choices.
  3. Think Creatively: Connections may sometimes be obscure. Consider different meanings and contexts.
  4. Engage with the Community: Participate in online forums and social media groups dedicated to NYT Connections for additional hints and strategies.


The NYT Connections game provides an engaging combination of brain exercise and fun! By following our hints and strategies in this article, you can hone your skills while solving daily puzzles! Plus, remember to stay tuned into the NYT Games section for even more puzzles that await! Don’t forget about joining other Connections enthusiasts by liking us on social media: you might just meet them here!

No matter whether or not you need NYT answers, this game will keep you entertained for sure! Enjoy puzzling and make sure to come back often as we post more tips and daily updates. May you always discover the right connections!

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