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Cereal Boxes

Does Size Matter for Custom Cereal Boxes?

Cereals are an all-time favourite of people of all ages. No kitchen cabinet in every house has a single pack of cereals. These are available in the market in different quantities and can be small, medium, and large. People buy them as per their family needs. The size of the cereal boxes matters a lot because companies decide prices per quantity.

Moreover, the box must be according to the cereal’s quantity. It makes it easy to use and store the products, and people admire the right size because space negatively impacts the brand. This article is all about some amazing facts that explain the importance of a perfect size for your cereal packaging:

Types of Cereal Boxes Sizes

There are different sizes of cereal boxes available in the industry. They are according to the product’s nature and its storage needs. Some of the common sizes here make it easy for the buyers to choose the product.

Family Sized Boxes for Cereals

Most people prefer to buy large cereal packages. They are according to consumption and family size. These boxes are large and give the impression of high quantity. They are available in different forms, and manufacturers create them per family size. They are perfect for bulk purchases offering multiple single serves. It makes your box last for several days, even if consumed regularly. It has loads of ideal features like long-time storage, high quality, elegance, and many more.

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Cereal brands use this size in their boxes to provide higher quantities at reasonable prices. Every company gives a discount on the bulk purchase of cereal boxes wholesale. Moreover, they make them with extra security features so buyers can store reaming cereals for a long time by keeping them fresh. 

Standard Cereal Boxes

This is the best-selling size in the retail market. People with medium size family or average consumption like to purchase this size. They prefer to buy standard-size boxes because these are available at low rates. They come with a single package of cereal that a small-sized family can consume. These boxes come with amazing features. They are water-resistant and provide prevention from cross-contamination. 

Single Serving or Trial Size

These are mini cereal boxes that offer a single serving. Most people take them for traveling because they can fit anywhere. Due to their compact size, people can easily access them, and they are available in gas station shops, highway stores, and even in large retail businesses. 

Benefits of Using Cereal Boxes in Right Sizes

Cereal Packaging plays a key role in making your product stand out. The right size means choosing a suitable packaging solution. It saves you time and money in manufacturing. Moreover, it increases the trust level of the buyers in the brand. Some of the benefits of using the right size of boxes are here. 

Adds Value to Brand’s Reputation

It is not good to oversize your boxes because empty places leave the impression of cheating. It hurts a brand that can decrease sales. If you put a medium quantity in the bulk packaging, it will not fit in the box. This thing will not offer an impressive look to your boxes. You need to be perfect in the choice of the box sizes because empty spaces can make them lose or ruin their quality. 

Offers Protection 

Bigger does not always matter for security through shipment because large boxes have higher void space. Cereals move inside the box, and it may lose some of the granules or move around. These things are not good from the packaging point of view. The accurate size saves them without making any loss of quality and quantity. Moreover, you can make your custom cereal packaging safer for the food. You can coat and laminate them to add more security features. So, they are ideal for protecting them against temperature, moisture, and other issues.  All these things are good for keeping your cereals fresh for a long time. 

Increases Customer Satisfaction

It is good to use the appropriate size as per the quantity. The high amount will not fit in the small boxes and the same case with a small quantity in the big packaging. Customers buy products from brands that they know very well. So, attractive packaging is the way that makes them familiar to you. They judge the brand by viewing their box styles and sizes. The wrong size can negatively impact them because they take it hard, wasteful, and excessive to manage. You can customize them by adding extra things to fill the empty spaces like foam. It gives the impression of safety. With the accurate size of your custom cereal box, you leave the impression of professionalism and accuracy. It gives all the customers peace of mind who will come to buy products from your brand. 

A Step Towards Sustainability

All the cereal boxes in the USA are made from eco-friendly materials. Using the appropriate packaging size, you need to make it safer. Therefore, customers buy products that are packed in eco-friendly boxes. Thus, you can go green with all your box sizes, including family, standard, and mini boxes. Since they offer durability and freshness and preserve their flavor, they are ideal. This technique is good as it extends the shelf life of your cereals. Thus, you can increase your sales by targeting customers with right-sized sustainable boxes. Since they are recyclable, so they decrease waste. You improve your brand image by making them in the right size with green material. 

It is the best trick to improve your brand’s impression. Also, such packaging appeals to the customers in the retail market. Wrong-sized boxes do not leave a positive impression on the brand because they are not easy for customers to manage. Moreover, they do not offer an excellent user experience because customers may lose or drop food after opening them. So, the right-size packaging is easy to handle, perfect for shipping and offers long-time storage in the home, shelves, and warehouse.

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